Deharoos is an ancient house resort located 5km from Behabad, Yazd province, Iran. The village is several–thousand-year-old and known as the firs ancient place in Behabad city. The buildings of Deharoos have been built underground with special features of earth materials. The unique architecture of the buildings which is in contrast with the environment, controls weather fluctuations using appropriate underground placement technics so that the rooms are warm in winter and cool in summer.
Deharoos Resort facilities such as WI-FI, mineral water and clean bathrooms will really make your stay even more pleasant.
The resort has 24-hour security guards. the guides will be with you throughout your journey and will describe the history and geography of the places you will be visiting in order to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Local breads and foods, dairy products and delicious organic meals will make your journey memorable.

Deharoos programs:
In addition to experience of living underground, you will enjoy from following programs.

Holiday Accommodations Program Deharoos Bahabad
Live performances of local musics6Visiting historical places of Behabad1
Visiting Natural Sciences Museum of Behabad7Visiting several–thousand-year-old Petroglyphs2
Visiting deer breeding site8Visiting 400-million-year-old fossil areas3
Off Roading in desert9sliding on sands4
Star observation in the darkest point of the Middle East (darkness of 5.7 in Bortle scale)10camel riding5
Holiday Accommodations Program Deharoos Bahabad